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Mr. E. Krishnappa

Managing Trustee

Navodaya Kishore Kendra CBSE Vidyalaya is managing under Navodaya Education and Development Charitable Trust. And is managing by managing trustee Mr. E. Krishnappa the founder if the institution.

E.Krishnappa is basically social worker, he is awarded for his social service as 'Best Youth' from Central Government Human Resource Development Department And Nehru Yuvaka Kendra and also he is the 'Basava Bhushana' awardee and an Ex-Councilor of this local area.

Smt Yashodhamma

Trust Member

The sole motive of the management is to provide the best value based education to the students around the area. The school is based on the rich traditional culture and heritage of our great country and keeping in mind the latest developments and the increased demand.

Sri Rangaiah

Trust Member

We are living in a modern era where competition and comparison is the new face of education. By pushing the young minds to compete and compare with each other not only we devour them to reach their true capabilities but we create unwanted pressure on the child also. I personally feel competition and comparison has to happen within oneself and not with each other. It is my ultimate goal to see children excel professionally and personally.

Sri Shankar Murthy

Trust Member

From blackboard to smart boards, education has surely advanced and the current generation is able to enjoy the benefits of various advancements in the field of education. And yet, we as a society fail to extract maximum potential from a child. In today's world, most of the parents want their children to be first but completely ignore their needs. Since every child is unique, at Navodaya Kishore Kendra CBSE Vidyalaya we cater to their individual needs and develop their academic skills to the fullest.

Sri Dayanand

Trust Member

Navodaya Kishore Kendra CBSE Vidyalaya with the sole intention of providing quality education to children at affordable cost, without asking the caste, religion or economic condition of the parents. About 7500 students are studying in various standards at Navodaya Kishore Kendra CBSE Vidyalaya. I am sure, the school will grow to new heights and serve the society further in the years to come.