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Changing technology is a part and parcel of the rapidly changing social, Cultural, Political and economic times in which we live and it is clear that changing technology is a driven force of these associated changes. Navodaya Kishore Kendra well equipped with Computers and Computer related techniques. Internet has become an educational tool for students and teachers. In school students and teachers are well equipped to deal with the enormity and complexity of the technological changes happening around us.

The management is provided the smart boards, so that students are capable to submit their assignments through the digital systems and are preparing the Power Point Presentations in all the subjects.

The School is collaborated with NIIT a leading service provider in smart class programme has introduced. It has whole range of course material incorporating the CBSE Syllabus.

Science Lab

The school is equipped with advanced lab facility with latest state of the art equipments to suit the requirements of modern education system for physics, chemistry and biology.The school has planned to open a Maths lab in order to teach the students through activity methods.

The practical lessons conducted at the laboratory aim at making the student comprehend the difficult theories developed over the years.

Apart from these, following facilities are provided for children to meet their curiosities and intellect.

Knowledge is boundless no one can exhaust it. Libraries play a vital role to update the knowledge of students as well as faculty members.

Navodaya kishore kendra CBSE Vidyalaya has a well stocked well equipped library with books and periodicals, where the thirst for the knowledge is quenched.


Navodaya kishore kendra CBSE Vidyalaya is located in a student centric campus in Singapura near Jalahalli east part of Bangalore

  • Specially designed 4 level building
  • Large spacious well ventilated class rooms
  • Closed roof auditorium with permanent fittings and roof garden
  • CCTV system with cameras in all the class rooms to monitor the teaching and activities of students from the control point
  • Well furnished dining hall to accommodate all the students of the school at a time to take their lunch.

Computers have become an indispensable part of our lives. They offer opportunities for critical thinking and trigger the analytical process in a human mind.

The school has a well furnished computer lab, housing the latest state of art computer systems and caters to the needs of each student.

Total number of computer systems is 34.

The school has provided internet facility to update the knowledge of students as well as teachers for future development of education.

The latest trend in the field of education is well followed by the vidyalaya with audio visual infrastructure such as

  • Over head projector
  • Computers
  • CCTV
  • Internet facility
  • TV & DVD Player
  • Tape Recorder
  • Educational CDs (Audio and Video)

Sports are obviously an important part of our school life.

The vidyalaya has got a large play ground to facilitate outdoor games.The vidyalaya has got B.P.ED, qualified physical education teacher.

Out door games such as volley ball foot ball Kho Kho, Shuttle cock, Cricket, Kabadi, are played and indoor games such as chess caroms etc are also played.

Yoga helps to build a healthy body and in turn healthy mind. We at navodaya kishore kendra conducts yoga classes regularly in the school auditorium, by a qualified teacher who has done her PG in yoga.

Auditorium can accommodate more than 500 students at a time.

Sports are obviously an important part of our school life.

“School bus is undoubtedly the most convenient means of transport for students. The school provides transport facility to pick up and drop children. Safety is a major concern of the school transport service. We have enough buses to cater to all the children. Individual child care will be taken while travelling. The school is also providing all the standard requirements to ensure safety with secure according to the norms of the department.